Schedule of Services

Bible Classes   9:30 AM
Worship          10:25 AM
Evening            5:00 PM

 Bible Classes   10:30 AM
Bible Classes     6:30 PM

We are simply Christians, trying to pattern our lives and worship according to God's inspired Word, the Bible.  We welcome you to come and visit with us, to investigate what we practice and teach, and to compare what you see and hear with the Bible.

What our congregation specializes in is being a church as defined in the New Testament. Our primary concern is with the spiritual needs of mankind - our need for God, forgiveness of sins, genuine God-pleasing worship, and for pure lives in accordance with God's Word. We invite you to make an honest investigation of Christ's church in this community. As part of our effort to teach God's message, we plan to regularly place articles and sermons on this site. Please take time to read and listen to the them. We welcome questions concerning the Bible, which we will try to answer from God's Holy Word (I Peter 4:11). Come and study God's Word with us.

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